We are the battery packs replacement specialists in Maitland

When you need batteries or battery packs, you need the expert services of the team here at Batpak Australia Pty Ltd. We have the skills, expertise, and experience to provide you with battery solutions for all of your needs. With close to 20 years of highly specialised industry experience, we are confident that we will be able to either repair or replace your existing battery power pack or source the new unit that you need.

Our products include:

- Battery pack rebuilds
- Rechargeable batteries
- Primary batteries
- Battery pack testing and repairs
- LED torches
- Battery chargers
- Portable power and jump starter packs
- Mobile phone batteries
- Cordless phone batteries
- Two-way radio batteries
- Digital camera batteries
- Video camera batteries
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- Laptop computer batteries
- Computer UPS batteries
- Cordless power tool batteries
- Cordless vacuum cleaner batteries
- Surveying equipment batteries
- Medical equipment batteries
- Fire and security alarm batteries
- Exit and emergency lighting batteries
- Sealed lead acid (AGM) batteries
- Hobby batteries
- Custom built battery packs

Specialist battery rebuilding service

Our experienced and innovative team of battery experts offers our clients dedicated battery rebuilding options for a diverse range of handheld equipment and electronic devices. The battery rebuilding system involves removing the defunct batteries from your existing battery pack and replacing them with brand new high quality cells.

Important note: Unfortunately, SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) and Li-ion (Lithium Ion) cannot be rebuilt using this method, but we do stock a large range of replacement units at highly competitive prices, so please enquire.

When it comes to all types of battery packs from power tools and laptops to battery chargers and vehicle boost starting packs, we can take care of them all. There is only one name that you need to remember when you need new batteries.

Drill batteries

Call the experts at Batpak Australia Pty Ltd
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